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Lotusmoksha |ˈmōkSHə| (noun): (in Hinduism and Jainism) release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma. The transcendent state attained as a result of being released from the cycle of rebirthORIGIN: from Sanskrit mokṣa. The simplest translation for the word is a comparison: While Buddhism believe in Nirvana, Hinduism believes in Moksha.

Moksha derives from the Goddess Saraswati, a Hindu deity. She is represented in Hindu mythology as the divine consort (wife) of Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. Her name in Sanskrit means “essence of self” – for “Sara” translates to “essence,” and “Swati” translates to “self.” She is the goddess of music, art, and knowledge. Only educated, intelligent individuals worship Goddess Saraswati for her knowledge and wisdom. They believe only  she can grant them moksha: final liberation of the soul.

Moksha is dedicated to providing yogis with a backpack that fits their lifestyle needs. After struggling to ride my bike with my backpack and yoga mat strapped to my chest, I realized how much excess weight I was burdening myself with; literally and emotionally. It’s stressful trying to carry several bags on the CTA, to shove into a locker, or fit into an office cubicle. Why not make one bag big enough for your entire day? Our backpacks are designed to fit your yoga mat, laptop, lunch box and more while still being sleek and chic. No more bulky bags, no more excess stress for your already hectic schedule. For education and meditation, and everything in between. Made in Chicago from ethically sourced, sustainable goods.


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